Dart Error Handling

Dart Error Handling


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Error Handling :

  • Exceptions :

  • Your Dart code can throw and catch exceptions.

  • Exceptions are errors indicating that something unexpected happened.

  • If the exception isn't caught, the isolate that raised the exception is suspended, and typically the isolate and its program are terminated.

  • In contrast to Java, all of Dart's exceptions are unchecked exceptions.

  • Methods don't declare which exceptions they might throw, and you aren't required to catch any exceptions.

  • Dart provides Exception and Error types, as well as numerous predefined subtypes.

  • You can, of course, define your own exceptions.

  • However, Dart programs can throw any non-null object—not just Exception and Error objects—as an exception.


throw FormatException('Expected at least 1 section');

throw 'Out of llamas!';